Friday December 28, 2007

The chimney with the bio ethanol: a solution for your apartment or your house without conduit

I already introduced you this product which is an alternative to the traditional chimney on the following ticket: Ticket 18/11/07. These chimneys have a new generation of hearth which makes it possible to hang those like a table or to position them on casters. They are in particular made up of a hearth open and a fuel tank (of a capacity of 50 Cl). The fuel used is bio ethanol which is resulting from the distillation of cereals or sugar plants (corn, colza, cane with sugar, beets, potatoes). It is of course necessary not to confuse with the bio ethanol which one puts in his motor vehicle and which contains gasoline to him. During combustion, it produces only steam and very little carbonic gas (CO2). This technical solution thus makes it possible to work out several aesthetic styles of the product (rectangular, triangular, weak form or great depth, mobile or not, chimney of table…).
These chimneys are also of true heating erasing with a power of 2 with 6kW (according to model), which makes it possible to heat a part of 25 with 60m ². They consume approximately a half-litre of bio ethanol per hour in fontion of the adjustment of the flame or the flames. For 2,20 euros the liter, it is necessary to count like budget 1,10 euros per hour.
Price question: all the prices are found. Of 400 euros to more than 3.000 euros! But the prices should decrease because these chimneys without conduit are a pretty success which will not stop there. The large signs of store of do-it-yourself (Leroymerlin) are not to mislead and start to propose these chimneys with the ethanol which one will be able to find in the apartments of the big cities or houses where one does not wish to heat oneself by wood…
These chimneys seem to be a good business appropriateness if you seek to launch you in the manufacture and the marketing of innovating product.

Wednesday December 26, 2007

A compact and individual coffee machine!

Company WMF invented a pretty mini-machine (19 X 19 X 11 cm) with coffee design. It includes/understands a tank containing the value of a cup integrated into the machine and functions with the pastilles sold in the trade.
Exist in red, green, yellow and gray.

Thursday December 20, 2007

Miniature loudspeakers which give a sound of great depth very…

This audio system of a few centimetres (60 X 60 X 50 mm) transforms any plane surface of wood, glass, plasterboard…. in a loudspeaker of great acoustic quality. In fact, when it is posed, it is almost impossible for you to determine from which the sound comes! It uses electro-acoutisque technology to diffuse a sound of quality while transforming the surface of contact into loudspeaker. This apparatus transmits the vibrations to the material with which it is in contact to transform it into membrane of loudspeaker. You can connect your computer, your walkman MP3, IPOD, or your reader of CD on this small amplifier of sound and you will be surprised by the depth and the quality of the signal. It will transmit to you a clear and precise sound to all kinds of materials.
It is a tool ultra-portable often equipped with a remote control. It is necessary to count a budget from 100 to 150 euros for this small acoustic jewel.
Reference of the product in photograph: Vibro Blaster max - NIMZY

Saturday December 8, 2007

You want to personalize your pinks?

Now you can order pinks or other flowers where you will be able to make mark on the petals a logo, a photograph, a name or a message… all seem possible!
. The idea seems original and will thus allow you to offer flowers to your friend where he will be written “happy birthday”, “good festival”, or “marries me”…
For professional events, it is still a new way of communicating.
You will find more information on the site of the originators Vincent Massidda and Philippe Boissé:

Friday December 7, 2007

Legrand launches a system house automation to make it possible to better manage the energy consumption of a hearth

The system “In One by Legrand” from Legrand is conceived to order by radio wave or transmission current the heating, the lights, the electric shutters, the home cinema, the security system… of a house with a single switch. The program placed then will make it possible to order the majority of electrical installations and also to control all the electricity of the house thus resulting in reducing its invoice of electricity.
You will find further information on Internet site dedicated to this technology: InOnByLegrand
Legrand is a company which deposits a great number of patents and drawings and models per annum, proof that it is a innovating company.
In 2006:
  • 42 French Patents, 37 European Patents and 17 Patent applications international PCT were published
  • 3 drawings and models deposited
  • 33 French marks, 2 Community marks and 3 international marks

Wednesday December 5, 2007

CBE 2000 - EPO 2000 starts on December 13, 2007…

The CBE 2000 will come into effect December 13, 2007.
This convention on the European patent will then know many modifications compared to the old version (12th edition) and in particular:
  • The request can be deposited in any national language. A translation in one of the official languages of L ? OEB (French, English, German) must be deposited within two month.
  • The claims are not necessary any more to obtain a date of filing. They can be transmitted later on.
  • The European patents are delivered for any invention in all the technological fields in condition qu ? it are new, imply an inventive step and are likely D ? industrial application. Is the field of protection thus broader, perhaps opening the possibility of depositing patent applications on software “without technical effect”?
  • The applicant can require the continuation of the proceedings in case D ? non-observance D ? a time with L ? regard of L ? OEB.

You wish to have a court on this new legal text: return-voous on the site of the European office of the industrial property to the following address: e-learning CBE 2000
You want to see the 626 pages of this new text, go on: CBE2000

Monday December 3, 2007

Some figures on the counterfeit of product

The counterfeit is by definition makes it reproduce or imitate something without having the right of it (patent, mark, drawing or model, royalty…).
The counterfeit touches today all the fields of the industrial production: quite numerical, textile, leather working, toy, electric household appliances, electronic product, car, aviatiation…
Queques figures showing that the counterfeit is an economic plague:
  • 5 to 9% of the world commerce is 200 to 300 billion D ? euros
  • 200.000 employment removed in the world
  • 12% of the worldwide market of the toy
  • 10% of that of perfumery and the cosmetics
  • 5 to 10% of the sales of spare parts automobile in L ? European Union would be counterfeits
  • 2% of the 26 million spare parts in L ? aeronautical would be counterfeits
  • 7% of that of L ? drug company
  • And S ? lists it does not stop there….

The counterfeit, even if the author of the counterfeit is not aware of the gravity of his action, engages:
  • its civil responsibility in accordance with article 1382 of the Civil code, which can carry out it to pour damages, calculated according to the damage undergone by the victim;
  • its criminal responsibility, incurred sorrows going up to 3 years with 5ans of prison and 300.000 ? with 500.000 ? of fine.

SOLAZY a deckchair deckchair of beach which is rolled up and which is transported easily

This deckchair of a very simple design has like great originality to be able to be transported and installed anywhere. Its frame of wood is rolled up in the fabric of the sun bath and takes blow a minimum of place. This product protected by a patent is created by two Frenchwomen who know a pretty success with their own product.
For more information or its purchase, return on the site of SOLAZY

Sunday December 2, 2007

My booo: a wandering office Internet

My Booo enables you to have a personal space on Internet to store, centralize your data, to share and exchange your data with all the community My Booo. You can also read your files multi-media, image, its, and video and reach your flows RSS.
MyBooo, allows you then:
  • to reach all your documents
  • to know your current events
  • of reading your emails
  • to have a divided diary
  • to reach a multitude of services such as Youtube, Ebay, Myspace, Twitter
  • to reach at its community.

It is enough for you to have only one computer, a connection Internet and your logins!
To reach all its services, direct towards:

Saturday December 1, 2007

IPhone, a true innovation in the mobile telephomy

IPhone (registered trademark) combines cellphone, personal assistant and walkman.
This telephone present of many originalities, of which its broad touchscreen which makes it possible to sail on an interactive and intuitive interface. It has also an automatic system of visionnage in landscape mode as soon as the user makes swivel IPhone thanks to his gyroscopic device. The video will illustera better all the applications of this product.

According to Apple; IPHone is protected by nearly 200 patent applications (Some patent applications deposited by Apple) and some drawings and models.

Thursday November 29, 2007

NABAZTAG a rabbit communicating wifi!

an intelligent rabbit Nabaztag is a communicating object which resembles a pretty very stylized rabbit. It measurement 23 cm in height and is connected to Internet by waves Wi-Fi 802.11b. It communicates with its user by transmitting text messages, luminous or by stirring up the ears. It disseminates information of the weather type, purse, road traffic of the peripheral of Paris, arrival D ? e-mail… Astonishing, not?
This produi test a French innovation. Created by the company PURPLE, this rabbit is a nice success. This object remotely makes it possible to have moultes information without owe poster in front of its PC.

Since December 2006, the Violet company left Nabaztag/tag. This last has on the level of the navel a microphone making it possible to control rabbit thanks to the voice, to send text messages to other Nabaztag. It is also possible to listen to sounds in streaming (what allows the use of the services webradio which are not compatible with the preceding version). It is also used as recognition of presence, thus making it possible to make conceal Nabaztag/tag when there N ? is not D ? activity in the part where it is. The new model is also able to recognize tags Rfid, although this service is not completely usable for the moment… But in the future you will be able to present to him an article with a tag RFID and your rabbit will give you information on this article: Present to him a book, and your rabbit will give you elements on the author or will comemncera the reading of the book!

The classification of the principal depositors of patents in the world

Below you will find the principal depositors of patent applications by the international voice (WO/PCT) for the year 2005.

(Classification Origin Depositing Total)

One cannot really say that France is well placed…
However, France is the 4th country which deposits the most patents by this international way… but that accounts for only 4.1% of the whole of the deposits. It is placed behind the United States (1st with 33.6%), Japan (2nd with 18.8%) and Germany (3rd with 11.8%).
It will especially be necessary to pay attention to the rise to power of the Asian patent fillings. Indeed, between 2004 and 2005, Japan increased its number of deposits of 24.3%, the Republic of Korea (6th) of 33.6% and China (10th) of 43.7%… If you still think that the economic and technological threat will not come from Asia, these figures tend to show the opposite!

Saturday November 24, 2007

Airbags laid out in a wind-breaker of motor bike

In addition to the hard protections laid out with the level of the elbows, shoulders, and spinal column…, one now finds jackets for the motorcyclist equipped with inflatable cushions. In the event of accident, as soon as the pilot is ejected of his motor bike, of the airbags inflate instantaneously and thus protect the body from the pilot.

A bed in electromagnetic levitation

This bed in levitation thanks to a magnetic field generated by an enormous magnet, enables you to sleep to 40 cm ground without coming into contact with this one. To prevent that at the time of your galipetttes the bed moves out of the magnetic field and from the blow fall on the ground, it is envisaged four thin cables which will ensure its fixed position. One owes this prowess with L ? Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars which proposes this bed for the modite nap of 1,2 million D ? euros! That makes of it the bed expensive of the world…
You trouveez by clicking on bond Internet hereafter a list of patents on the beds in levitation: patents

Wednesday November 21, 2007

Tag Datamatrix

The tags datamatrix start to make their appearance, on products, in the press…
Present your cellphone in front of this tag, take a photograph and you will reach contents multi-media (press article, advertisement, band annone, announce real…) in all simplicity!
Applicatif should of course be downloaded making it possible to decode the flashé tag. This last arises as a code bar to two dimensions. As you can see it herewith, it with the shape of a square or a rectangle whose pixels take a Boolean value (0 or 1) represented visually by the black and the white. The tag is used with encoder of the data then to show on your telephone the way to recover the multimedia contents lodged on a waiter. You will be able thus to download or reach:
  • text
  • images
  • vidéos
  • clips audios or vidéos
  • plays
  • blog or Internet site
and all that without having to type a number, a sms or a mms!

Tuesday November 20, 2007

The SCOTRENEWABLES transforms the energy of the waves into electricity!

SRTT SCOTRENEWABLES TIDAL HARNESSES SYSTEM (SRTT) is a generating floating device d´énergie likely d´être used to extract l´énergie d´eau moving, in particular the waves. The device includes/understands a lengthened floating tank of generally circular cross section, on the lower part of which are fixed by means of assembly of the blades of rotor rotary printing-press. The blades of rotor are connected to an average generator d´énergie so that, at the time of l utilisation of l´appareil, l´eau moving crossing the blades of rotor involves those in rotation to generate l´énergie in the average generator d´énergie.
You will find the description complete of this device in the patent application: WO2006061652

Sunday November 18, 2007

Second Life: towards a new cybercommunity…

sencond life Second Life (SL) is a play 3D usable by connection Internet. Created by the american company Linden Lab, it makes it possible to the users to live one “second life” in a universe imagined by the users themselves.
This virtual world rests on the rule: to work (to paint, dance, prostituer!) to spend (clothing, ground, house, service…) a virtual currency (the Linden dollar) which can be exchanged against truths dollars.

Second Life is a space of exchanges, aiming at being as varied as the real life. One expresses social and political engagements there in a free and international way. one witnesses debates, exposures, conferences, course, recruitments, concerts, marriages, births…

Chimneys with the bio ethanol

chimney without conduit biothanol They are chimneys of a very new type. These chimneys with very beautiful the design do not require a conduit since they do not generate smoke or soots.
The combustion of the bio étahnol generates primarily water (H20) and carbon dioxide (CO2):
2CH3-CH2-OH+3O2 --> 4CO2+6H2O
That means neither soot, neither gas, neither exhaust, nor other toxic substances likely to cause allergies and vermin with the environment. These types of chimney (according to salesmen) can heat more 30m2 according to the selected model and releases as much CO2 than two lit candles!!!

Wednesday November 14, 2007

Statistics on the patent fillings in the world

The international office of industrial property (OMPI) diffuses on its Internet site T of the statistics on the patent fillings in the world. Ca illustrates for example the less and less important place of France vis-a-vis the rest of the world…
Complete address URL:

Some figures on the interest to innovate!!!

Some figures:
  • 75% of the products and services which we will consume in the 10 years are still to invent
  • The majority of the products which we use will be obsolete in 5 years
  • With L ? horizon 2015, more than 50% of the exchanges with L ? international will be probably governed by titles of industrial property (model patents, marks, drawings and ?) against 20% aujourd ? today!
  • 75 to 90% of the market cap of the companies with dimensions is consisted immaterial credits such as patents, marks and know-how.

The bases patents information sources strategic

The databases patents Esp@cenet, Uspto, Plutarque…) allow to list the patents of your competitors and thus to extract from the useful informations on their future and protected technologies and their strategies with export.

All these patents must challenge you and lead you to pose a certain number of questions to you:

  • on the freedom of exploitation in France like abroad of your current projects like futures
  • on the patentable character of those
  • on the way of preserving the technological segment which you project to occupy

A regular competing monitoring is essential because it will enable you to better know the projects of your competitors and the technological innovations on which they plan to sit their market.

The protection of your creation by a mark

A mark consists of a likely sign of chart serving to distinguish from the products or the performances of service as a company from those from the competitors. The mark can indirectly play a part of guarantee, quality and source of the product; it can also constitute an important capital for the company, and become a true good monnayable. The mark indefinitely offers finally a monopoly of exploitation which is limited to a territory given for one 10 years period, renewable.

Moreover, to be valid, the selected name will have to be in particular:

  • distinctive: it should not be necessary or describe the product or the service which it indicates
  • available: it should not be already adopted to indicate products or services identical and similar

To check the full availability of a name, we invite you to undertake searchs for anteriorities.

This process of research comprises two stages traditionally:

  • a research with identical on the files of the marks (, names of companies ( and domain names ( For more safety, it is also possible for you to consult more transverse files such as the yellow pages or repertory SIREN (on Minitiel 36 17 SIREN), often rich person of lesson.
  • a research by similarities ordered with the INPI.

Lastly, the monopoly which confers to you a French mark limits only to the borders of our country, you will be probably brought to consider the extension of its effects to your markets of export. While abstaining from such a formality, you can risk to see you prohibiting the access of your name abroad.

To supervise

Before proceeding to the deposit of an patent application, it will prove to be essential to have accurate information on the state of the art and we can only invite you to undertake research in the data bases patent. The databases patents constitute, indeed, one of the best information sources to establish this state of the art: nearly 80% of technologies are described in the patents. 1.500.000 new patents are deposited each year in the world! They are characterized by their exhaustiveness, their precision in the description of the state of the art, their precocity (the patent generally precedes the marketing), the identity of the holder. It is also information compared, appraisable (by the research report) and classified (by the International Classification of the Patents, CIB). However, it should be noted that this information is accessible only 18 months after application.

The search for anteriority can then be done starting from our internal databases or of Internet site Esp@cenet ( by combining key words and Classifications International of the Patents which is composed of an alphanumeric code representative of a technical field. It includes/understands more than 70.000 subdivisions built on a tree structure.

To take date!

On a purely conservatory basis, a catch of unquestionable date of your current technical developments can prove useful to be able, if necessary, to assert a right of former personal possession (only valid in France) or to prove a possible usurpation or abusive disclosure. It will be advisable however to take a care particular to the drafting of the document (clear and complete description of your creations and its applications, illustrations…).

There exist several solutions to make authenticate the date of a document or a realization. If one plans to proceed in the long term to the deposit of a patent, it matters that this evidence remains confidential, which excludes from office the recourse to a publication (in a review, Internet site…) or with a disclosure (living room…). The solutions making it possible to preserve the confidentiality are in particular:

  • The recording of documents on an unquestionable date near a notary, of an usher
  • The deposit of a <strong>enveloppe Soleau</strong>, containing the description of a creation, or a report/ratio of stage in the realization of an innovation (plans, principles, detailed description of the technical solutions)

Finally retain that these recordings do not constitute a title of industrial property, it is only one means to take a creation date. They do not confer on its holder the right to be opposed to the exploitation of its creation carried out without its assent.

Advantages Disadvantages

  • Not very expensive (Soleau Envelope costs 15 euros)
  • Preserved secrecy
  • Nontransferable
  • Ineffective against the copy

The innovation and the industrial property

The success of a company is mainly related to its capacity to create new products or services.

To prevent that your creativities do not benefit your competitors, it will be essential to protect them effectively to maintain strongest profitability possible more the possible for a long time.

The property rights industrial then will prove necessary to preserve the competitive advantage of your creations often resulting from significant efforts, as well on the human plan as financial.

To be effective, your management of innovating project will have dice to be now based on a certain number of elementary rules:

  • good knowledge of the competing and technological environment
  • good practices: to take date, contractualiser the relationship with your partners and customers, to develop your creations by deposits of titles of industrial property…

The industrial property will then become a component of the strategy of your company to transform itself into a technological revenue.

To protect its software

Within the framework of development of software, the programming (source code and object code) raises, in theory, of protection by right D ? author. It confers on its author right D ? to prohibit on L ? execution of the program, the copy, the modification or the distribution of the known as program. Moreover, as it is mentioned in the code of the intellectual property, no official deposit N ? is exigible since L ? author enjoys on his program, of the only fact its creation, D ? an exclusive and opposable incorporeal property right with all.
However, to counter all litigations, it is desirable to take an unquestionable date of creation to take advantage of your rights by carrying out a deposit at an usher, a notary, a company D ? author or with L ? Agence for the Protection of the Programs (
But as opposed to what can make accept the code of the intellectual property the L611-10 article or the convention of European patent CBE in article 52, a computer program or an invention implementing a program of ordiantor can be the subject of a patent. Indeed, for a long time, L ? the European Patent Office (OEB) and L ? INPI deliver patents on inventions of software, however under certain conditions: A software can be patented only S ? it produces “a technical effect” additional going beyond the normal physical interactions between the software and L ? computer. You very included/understood? Such a technical effect perhaps L ? improvement of quality D ? a video image, the conceptualization D ? an object in 3D D ? after captures D ? images in 2D, or a mode of numerical control D ? a machine.
Thus has been protected by patent the technique from compression of music files called MP3 for more than fourteen years!

Tuesday November 13, 2007

Principal articles of law on the royalty

Article L. 111-1: The author of a work of the spirit enjoys on this work, of the only fact of his creation, an exclusive and opposable property right incorporeal to all. This right comprises attributes of a intellectual and moral nature as well as attributes of a patrimonial nature, which are determined by the Ier books and III of this code.
The existence or the concluding of a contract for services or of service by the author of a work of the spirit does not carry any exemption from the pleasure of the right recognized by the subparagraph 1st.
Article L. 112-1: The provisions of this code protect the rights of the authors on all works of the spirit, whatever are the kind, the form of expression, the merit or the destination.
Article L. 112-2: Are regarded in particular as works of the spirit within the meaning of this code:
1° books, booklets and other writings literary, artistic and scientific;
2° conferences, short speeches, sermons, pleadings and other works of comparable nature;
3° dramatic or dramatico-musical works;
4° choreographic works, numbers and turns of circus, the mimes, whose implementation is fixed in writing or differently;
5° musical compositions with or without words;
6° cinematographic works and other works consisting in animated of images, wired for sound sequences or not, named audio-visual works unit;
7° works of drawing, painting, architecture, sculpture, engraving, lithography;
8° graphic and typographical works;
9° photographic works and those carried out using techniques similar to photography;
10° works of the applied arts;
11° illustrations, geographical maps;
12° plans, sketches and plastic works relating to the geography, topography, architecture and sciences;
13° software (as such), including the preparatory material of design;
14° creations of seasonal industries of clothing and the ornament. Are famous seasonal industries of clothing and ornament industries which, because of the requirements of the mode, frequently renew the shape of their products, and in particular the seam, the fur, the linen room, the embroidery, the fashion, the shoe, the glove factory, leather working, the factory of fabrics of high innovation or special to the haute couture, the productions of the paruriers and the bootmakers and the furnishing fabric factories.

Reduction of the royalties on the French patent

Part of measurements in favour of the innovation announced within the framework of the finance bill 2008, addresses directly to the depositors French patents. It envisages:

  • to multiply by two the reduction ratio granted to the company founders and to SME on the principal royalties of patent filling;
  • to extend the benefit of this reduction to the whole of the companies of less than 1000 paid.

To see the continuation

The Credit Tax Seeks (CIR)

The finance bill 2008 envisages to reform the credit tax seeks in order to make it simpler and more advantageous, but especially to extend the effects of them to the expenditure which require obtaining and with the defense of the patents. Brought down the upper limit and seeing its rate tripling to see quintupling in certain case, the new grinding of the C.I.R. would have more than ever to encourage the French companies to invest in the innovation.

To see the continuation

Reduction in the cost of the European patent by the allègementdes requirements of translation

The whole of the measurements announced by the government in favour of the innovation and the industrial property coincides with the result of a project initiated by France it is very a long time and tending to the lightening of the requirements of translations within the framework of the procedure of European patent filling. The new linguistic mode instituted by the Protocol of London should soon make it possible to decrease in a substantial way the budget appropriation necessary to obtaining of a European patent, making it thus gravitational for the small and medium-size companies.

To see the continuation